The real problem between black and white

Apparently, I have some international readers. Specially for them, I translated the blog that is relevant for them. Hurray Saint-Nicholas came to town. Luckily, we are safe again for another year. What was once a children's party full of fun, it is now a soured fight between black and white. How did this happen? More and more it is clear that not the white but the black community's colonial past has not been processed yet. The same happens in the USA and South Africa.

Black Peter

I still remember Saint-Nicholas well. It was the best time of the year. It never sprouted in my childish mind the idea that Black Peter is the slave of Saint Nicholas. The concept of racism was alien to me.

And yet. Adults argue: is Black Peter racist or not? This discussion is trivial, only the children are of interest here. There is to my knowledge no study that has shown that Belgian/Dutch children are more racist due Saint-Nicholas. It is particularly poignant that the adults do not even have the decency to keep the magic intact. Gouda antis clashed with pros, the children stood by and watched.

Why do some people believe there are colonial elements? It is very strange. Black Peter is black due the chimney, race is irrelevant here. This already has been for quite some time. I therefore conclude that only a group of people see things that are not really there. Maybe it is time to go to the psychiatrist?

Probably unresolved traumas are the base of these delusions. The black people are so scarred by the colonial past that they can not/will not believe that a white and a black man can work and live side-by-side. By always insisting on the so-called unresolved past of the Western community, they conceal their own traumas. The blacks are therefore the biggest racists.


The same thing happens in the USA Blacks there have a strong Calimero complex, always feeling that the police are after them. If a black perishes, this feeling is confirmed and they will massively (and violently) go on the street. A black who bears witness of police brutality is always believed, even if forensics contradicts his testomony. It seems ridiculous, but the injuries of the agent must have popped out of nowhere. Did the witness even see everything or has he ebellished the story to protect the black perpetrator? This case has just proven that a black testimony about another black must be taken with a grain of salt.

The fuss that persists is alarming. Not only does the black community protest boldly  (vandalism and violence are legion), they also reject the foundations of the rule of law. They do not respect the decision of the grand jury. Obama's call for tranquility has no effect.

Kill the Boer

It could be worse. Who believed that apartheid is a thing from the past, is wrong. It was normal until 2012 that the ANC'sang "Kill the Boer, kill the farmer" song. I am 100% sure if a Western political party called for the death of Muslims, Jews, blacks or any other group of people, the party will be immediately banned and the leaders brought to court. In South Africa, white racism and incitement to murder is the most normal thing in the world. The song is even minimized.

Fortunately, there are judges who are still democratic. Julius Malema, former ANC Youth League leader, was convicted of hate speech for singing that song. The ANC has also removed him from the party. The punishment helped little. The new party founded by him advocates for the expropriation of white farmers under the disguise of redistribution.

The most regretful of all, this is reality. Whites are often robbed, raped or murdered by blacks. They fear a lot for the rise of Julius' party. Many whites fear a genocide, 26% of the young people are going to vote on Julius' party. The ghost of apartheid still haunts South Africa.


The fuss about Black Peter should be viewed in a broad context. Wherever tensions between blacks and whites exist,we went from one extreme to another. Now the whites are the ones who are discriminated against, not the blacks. Blacks victimize themselves and easily ignore this development. It is time to heal the wounds of the past so no colonial recovery can happen anymore. I think that few politicians will advocate this out of fear for accusations of racism. However, it must be said. There is no other way to normalize the relations between whites and blacks.